1966 Vintage Fender Jazz Bass Guitar





1966 Vintage Fender Jazz Bass Guitar. This old bass has a great, super comfortable feel and a wonderful sound thanks to the ’70’s vintage Patent Applied For DiMarzio hum canceling pickups. The neck is nice and narrow down near the nut making it easy and fun to play. Overall condition is good showing wear from being lovingly played over the years. Neck is in fine shape with a beautiful Rosewood fingerboard with frets that are in great shape with minimal wear. The finish on the body has some issues relating to the Fender Body-Guard body protector. Ironically the tape that held the body protector on reacted with the finish in spots as you can see in the pictures. The two volume controls were replaced at some point, original controls will be included. Also included is the large “F” cover plate. What is not included is the small cover plate and the original pickups. Comes in a non original molded hardshell case. Bass weighs in at 9.3 lbs. Come in the store and check it out!